Thursday, December 01, 2005


Stories of Giving

In just a few days Biz4Kids will be sending out the Winter Biz4Kids Biz Bulletin. I wanted to share the story below with you as well as a link to our "working" page - Go check it out


The holidays are right around the corner. Many people will celebrate with family and friends in their home like they do every year. A few people will not. Their traditions will have to be put on hold because of the hurricanes or other disasters.

Many families were dispersed when the hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast this fall. Their homes and their possessions were destroyed. Cities like Houston and Atlanta began to welcome the victims. We saw on TV only some of the outreach but Biz4Kids heard some very wonderful stories that were not on TV.

Biz4Kids started receiving “reports” of how young people were using business skills to raise money for the victims. Biz4Kids is very proud of their unselfish deeds and encourages others to follow their examples.

Thirteen year-old Tanner D. of Monroe, GA and four of his friends decided to help Hurricane Katrina survivors by having a neighborhood relief drive. In just two days they collected $1,875.00 and over 25 grocery carts full of food, diapers, toilet paper and other essential items. All was donated to The Salvation Army. Tanner said, “It was a great experience, people are awesome.”

Tanner’s mother, Tammy, added, “We appreciated the opportunity to have met so many kind and caring neighbors and are especially grateful for the lessons of life, compassion, and character that this project taught and reminded us of, it really does take a village.”

Heather B. wrote to us about how her three children sold cookies at a neighborhood yard sale to raise money. The money they raised went directly to an evacuated family who relocated to their area. Heather’s children – McKenzie age 10, Ethan age 8, and Patten age 7 - spent 5 hours working at their booth. Wow, talk about staying focused!

Please continue to share your stories with Biz4Kids! We love hearing from you and although we cannot publish everything, we’ll certainly try.

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