Friday, November 18, 2005


Beta Gamma Sigma & PDMA Meetings

This was a great week for meetings!

Nov 15 - Beta Gamma Sigma - Atlanta Alumni Chapter
Speaker - Chuck Riepenhoff, KPMG Forensic
This was a very insightful presentation regarding the detection, prevention and investigation of fraud and misconduct. It's very surprising to know how "bad" some people can be! I mean, if you knowingly do something that is harmful to the corporation it is harmful to you. In a real sense it is harmful to your family. I ask the question,"when do these thoughts begin to develop?" Maybe it is something that we learn as a child. If that is so, then let's teach children that doing evil is harmful. I've got to keep this short but let's focus on teaching kids the long-term effect of a decision and not the short term.

Nov 17 - Product Development & Management Association
Speaker - Lloyd Ward, CEO BodyBlocks Worldwide and former CEO Maytag
I like this guy. I remember reading about him during my MBA days and thinking that this was a guy who had taken leadership to a new level. After the meeting I felt like I was meeting a rockstar - but that's how I am with accomplished business people. His presentation was titled "Consumer Driven Innovation." The best thing about the event was knowing that I had used some of his techniques even though I had not "put a name to it." On another post I'll go into detail about the Consumer Preference Ladder.

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